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Buyer Interview

Please complete our tenant interview so that we may may know as much about your purchase requirements as possible to serve you better.

Why an interview?

This interview will provide me with information I need about your purchase needs and preferences. Please be as thorough and detailed as possible. The more information you provide now, the better I can represent you in your purchase and the less I’ll need to disturb you about later.

Buyer Details

Motivation and Timeline

If there is a choice, working with a local lender is always preferable as the closing process is usually smoother, your team is more accessible and they have a higher rate of on-time or early closings. It is always suggested to speak with a couple of preferred lenders and compare rates, terms and other fees associated with obtaining a loan. We do not receive compensation for referrals provided, and only refer lenders that we’ve worked with personally or have had great experiences with.


Structure / Exterior Criteria

Interior Preferences

Fun Questions