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4 Places to Eat That You Haven't Tried Yet

4 Places to Eat You Haven’t Tried Yet

The big new restaurants typically get all the fanfare, but we're more excited about these 4 places to eat that you havent tried yet.

The big new restaurants always tend to get the most fanfare, but there are others, for those who choose to look, that are sometimes hard to find but ALWAYS deliver on their amazing food. Here’s our list of 4 Places to Eat You Haven’t Tried Yet. Enjoy!

Where to Find Them

1. Ermis Double E Grocery

Ermis Double E Grocery
Ermis Double E Grocery

It may sound like a grocery store, and look like an old gas station, but don’t let the rustic exterior fool you. Inside you’ll find cuisine ranging from burgers and chicken to homemade soups, and chef created specials that you’ll be bragging about to your friends and family. Their daily specials are things of beauty and it’s all complimented by a full bar.

Ermis has inside seating for those who require cold, cold air and a beautiful rear patio with views for miles for those that choose to dine al fresco. And you can always count on two things on that back patio – great service and great musical play-lists. Except for weekends, when they feature live music from local artists. And for those looking to entertain larger parties, Ermis also has a banquet room.

It’s not quite what you would expect out in the middle of nowhere on FM-1458, but that’s part of its charm. It’s the best kept secret in Frydek, it’s really affordable, and it tops our list of 4 places to eat that you haven’t tried yet!

Located at: 10108 FM 1458, Sealy, TX 77474

Learn more about Ermis Double E Grocery

2. Joy Love Burgers

Joy Love Burgers
Joy Love Burgers

Don’t be fooled by name. Joy Love Burgers serves a LOT more than just burgers. But these aren’t just any burgers. They’re so good, they named the entire concept after them. We’re talking prime beef, on homemade-daily sourdough buns, complete with the JoyLove Brand, all the fixings and then loaded up with a side of fresh, crunchy fries with season salt.

The “best burger” conversation comes up frequently on the Fort Bend Foodies Facebook group, and invariably the discussion usually comes down to Joy Love vs. Willies. Our vote will always sway to Joy Love. Their standard burger combo is big enough for two, and the seasoning makes this things taste out of this world good.

The original is located on N. Mason Rd. across from the Academy Headquarters. And it is tiny. But the best hole-in-the-wall joints often are. If you go for lunch, be prepared to stand in line behind a bunch of Academy employees. Your best bet is to call in your order.

Located at: 1801 N. Mason Rd, Katy, Texas 77449

Learn more about Joy Love Burgers

3. La Balance Cafe

La Balance Cafe
La Balance Cafe

Billed as French with a Modern Twist, La Balance Cafe is still one of Fulshear’s best kept secrets. Even to the locals. Located in downtown Fulshear, across FM-359 from the Post Office, the cafe serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s fine dining in small town Texas.

La Balance closed down temporarily in the wake of the pandemic, but we hear they’ve reopened. Swing by and try their breakfast tacos. They are life. They are huge. And for fine dining, they are surprisingly very affordable. Just one is all it takes.

Located at: 8050 FM 359, Fulshear, Texas 77441

Learn more about La Balance Cafe

4. Rosa’s Pizza Ristorante

Rosa's Pizza Ristorante
Rosa’s Pizza Ristorante

Authentic Italian food is alive and well in Katy, Texas. Rosa’s is another one of those little hole-in-the-wall joints, and if you don’t know where it is, you just might miss it… and that would truly be shame. It can be found in the same shopping center as the 510 Bar on S. Mason Rd. just North of Kingsland.

Regulars rave about their authentic New York style pizza, with light, airy crusts, “perfect” sauces, the freshest ingredients, and served piping hot by employees who are delighted that you’re there. Their soups, pastas, garlic knots, and breadsticks offer some mouth-watering options as sides to your pizza or a la carte for smaller meals.

Located at: 510 Mason Rd, Suite W, Katy, Texas 77450

Learn more about Rosa’s Pizza Ristorante

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