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Marketing Plan

Your Home Deserves a Winning Marketing Plan

You've cared for your home for years, so it deserves a winning marketing plan that will not only make it shine, but attract the most money.

We understand you have a Choice

We realize that you have a choice when hiring a real estate consultant to help you sell your home. And we truly appreciate the opportunity to present our winning marketing plan and the results we’ve achieved for our clients. As your agent, there are several services that you can expect us to provide, including the follow items.

Accurately pricing your home
Enhancing the perceived, and real, value of your home, enabling you to command a higher asking price.
Providing unmatched marketing including professional staging, photography, videography, and custom property websites.
Securing a qualified buyer within your timeframe.
Helping you avoid the two main reasons sales fall apart – low lender appraisals and problems with the home inspection.
Walking you through all of the paperwork, making sure that it’s completed correctly, then guiding you through closing.

How Homes Sell in Today’s Market

The sole purpose of our marketing plan is to increase awareness among qualified home buyers that will lead from online browsers to in-person showings.  Your home will compete with others based on features, location and price.  No amount of marketing can sell an overpriced home and pricing your home correctly is the most effective way to ensure a sale. A home priced at market value will attract more buyers than one priced above market value.


Your home’s features play a vital role is meeting the needs of your buyers. Upgrades, curb appeal, staging and cleanliness will ALL be scrutinized by your home’s buyers and all are completely within in your control.


Location is frequently cited as one the leading factors that influences decisions made by homebuyers. Neighborhoods and schools are chief among those.  The location of your home is outside your control.


We have compiled detailed information to help us price your home reflecting a custom market analysis, the unique characteristics of your home, and OUR expertise in the local real estate market.

The importance of Smart Pricing

In a typical market, more buyers purchase their homes at market value than above it. By pricing your property at market value, you are exposing it to a much larger pool of prospective buyers. The higher you price your home out of the market, the smaller the pool of potential homebuyers becomes and more often than not, this leads to chasing the market down through progressive price reductions.

Pricing Pyramid

What’s more, the longer your home sits on the market the more buyers start lowering their offers because of perceived problems with the home.

Selling Price vs. Timing

Timing is crucial in the real estate market. Our graph illustrates the importance of placing your property on the market at a realistic price from the very beginning. Because listings attract the most attention when they’re first listed they have the highest chance of a sale when they are new on the market.

If we start too high, we may miss the excitement and have to drop the price later, causing it to sell below market value. It’s critical to note that the lion’s share of offers on most properties come during weeks one through three.

Where buyer’s found their homes

Each year, the National Association of Realtors publishes a guide known as the Home Buyer and Seller Generation Trends report. It looks at metrics across the entire industry with respect to the behaviors exhibited by homebuyers and homesellers before, during, and after their real estate transactions. One of the most interesting metrics is understanding where buyers find the homes that they ultimately end up buying.

Real Estate Agent28%
Yard Sign / Open House7%
Friend, Relative or Neighbor6%
Knew the Seller2%
Print Advertising<1%

So what do WE do to get your home sold?

When you’re ready to sell, you want to know that the professional you hire has a plan. We’ve been selling homes at top dollar in our market since 2004, and with every transaction we hone our processes and update our marketing plan to give our next clients the best possible experience we can. And we’re happy to share it with you – just complete the form below and we’ll send it right out!

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Marketing Plan

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