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Listings in Your Inbox

Get Listings in Your Inbox

Harness the power of HAR's agent portals to get listings in your inbox even before they they show up on or Zillow.

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There are SO many ways to find real estate listings these days. You can search right here on our website, or on any number of national portals. You can download an app and search right from the convenience of your phone – anytime anywhere. But in a hot, competitive market the key to finding the best homes is speed-to-market. And NOTHING beats HAR‘s portal – where you can get listings in your inbox.

Complete the form below and we’ll set you up on an MLS direct search portal, where you’ll get ONLY the listings you want to see and you’ll be notified THE MOMENT they go active on the market. What’s more – went listings go under contract, they’ll be removed from view so you can be sure the properties you’re looking at are still available… unlike those other search portals.

And to help make keeping track of all those listings, you’ll have the option to ‘favorite’ them, ‘delete’ them, mark them as ‘possibles’ and even add notes so you can remember exactly why you loved the property… or didn’t. This is truly the best way to get listings in your inbox.

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