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What is ZeroPlus?

ZeroPlus+ is an exclusive Keller Home Loans program that reduces the amount of upfront costs for obtaining a mortgage.

How can ZeroPlus save me money?

A Keller Home Loans ZeroPlus loan is a money-saving option available when working with a Keller Williams agent or buying a Keller Williams listing. Keller Home Loans offers this loan, and it provides several beneficial features, including:

ZERO Lender Fees
ZERO Origination Fees
ZERO Underwriting Fees
ZERO Processing Fees

And then there’s the PLUS – on all loans exceeding $150,000, you receive a $1,000 credit toward third-party costs. Keller Home Loans also offers competitive interest rates, resulting in an average customer savings of over $5,000 at closing. Keller Home Loans operates as a nationwide lender and holds licenses to provide home loans in all states except NY.

ZeroPlus loans are available on

Primary Residences
Vacation / Secondary Homes
Investment Properties (1 – 4 unit residential)
Purchase or Refinance
Conventional (Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac w/ Minimum 3% Down)
Jumbo (to to $3m)
FHA (Minimum 3.5% Down)
VA ($0 Down)
USDA ($0 Down)

How can we offer this?

You might wonder how Keller Home Loans sustains its business without charging fees. The answer lies in their unconventional approach to marketing. Similar to Keller Williams Realty, they do not invest in Super Bowl ads, billboards, or radio commercials. Instead, Keller Home Loans relies on word of mouth and customer testimonials to foster satisfied clients and repeat business. Because they don’t spend millions a year on advertising they are able to pass that savings on to the consumer.

Furthermore, Keller Home Loans distinguishes itself by promptly ordering appraisals upon offer acceptance. This expedites the loan process, satisfying all loan conditions earlier and reducing stress for borrowers. If the buyer has to terminate the contract because of a home inspection or appraisal issue which causes them to no longer want that house, the buyer does not have to reimburse Keller Mortgage for the appraisal.

I’m already approved with another lender

Many times, clients approach us already pre-approved with another lender or their local bank. Just as you would comparison-shop for the best car price when buying a car, you should apply the same principle to your mortgage.

Imagine you apply with three mortgage companies within the same 5-day period to ensure your credit score remains unaffected. One company provides a quote of $10,000 in closing costs and offers an interest rate of 3.5%. The second company presents a quote of $9,000 in closing costs and an interest rate of 3.7%. Meanwhile, the third company offers a quote of $3,000 in closing costs and an interest rate of 3.25%. Your choice would be fairly obvious, wouldn’t it?

Shopping for a home loan is an important step in the home buying process. When we represent you, our first concern is getting you the best deal possible, no matter which mortgage company you choose.

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