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Old Katy

Old Katy is what the locals refer to when talking about the City of Katy, and references the original community and downtown area.
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Unlike the rest of the communities on our website, Old Katy in and of itself is not a neighborhood. It’s what the locals call the City of Katy, or the neighborhoods within the city limits. On a map, its boundaries would be made up of Interstate 10 to the South, Katy Ft. Bend Rd. to the East, Cane Island Parkway to the West (though Cane Island and Falls at Green Meadows are not considered part of Old Katy) and Morton Rd. to the North, though there are some pocket neighborhoods further North.

Old Katy lives and breathes by the region’s storied past and offers a vivid contrast to the bustling suburban and commercial growth that much of the surrounding areas experience today. Often called “Historic Katy,” this area captures the heart and soul of the community, maintaining its quaint charm and timeless atmosphere amid rapid development. The city’s origins become most tangible in its historic district, where heritage homes, antique shops, and family-owned businesses line the streets, having stood strong against the tests of time and modernity.

Old Katy Pine Forest

The collection of parks, museums, and public spaces in Old Katy plays a central role in its appeal, actively honoring the area’s agricultural and railway heritage. For example, the Katy Heritage Museum showcases a treasure trove of artifacts and exhibits that tell the story of the city’s evolution from a humble farming community into a thriving suburban center. Likewise, the historic MKT railroad depot acts as a testament to Katy’s importance as a railway hub, linking residents and visitors to the city’s origins.

Seasonal events, such as the Katy Rice Harvest Festival, actively breathe life into Old Katy’s streets, showcasing vibrant celebrations of its rich cultural and agricultural legacy and inviting people from all walks of life to share in the community’s history and camaraderie.



Since the Old Katy area encompasses such a vast stretch of land, students who live here could go to any number of schools during their academic careers. The one constant being that they would stay in the Katy Independent School District throughout their elementary to high school years. Depending on where you choose to call home, children of elementary school ages would attend Katy Elementary or Hutsell Elementary (in the southern areas). For those with children in the newer northern areas, Faldyn Elementary or the district’s newest campus, Youngblood Elementary would be their school.

As for middle school, students in the Old Katy area would attend either Katy Junior High or Haskett Junior High. As of this writing, most high school age students will attend Katy High School, while students in far northern areas currently attend Paetow High School. That will change next year (2025) when the district opens the doors to Freeman High School.

The district does occasionally perform attendance boundary modifications, as families move in and out of certain areas. Verify attendance zones on the Katy ISD website prior to purchasing your new home. According to the Texas Education Agency, Lamar Consolidated ISD has a district rating of “A” in the most recent school report cards.


Old Katy is lush with amenities that residents can take advantage of. From Katy Park, where most program kids play soccer and baseball, to Mary Jo Peckham Park that offers swimming, fishing, playgrounds, putt-putt, and a dog walking park. Katy Play Station offers an all-abilities playground experience for kids with special needs, and Katy City Park offers basketball, as well as baseball and softball fields. Other parks include historic Thomas Park and Woodlands Park.

Interested in history? Be sure to check out the Johnny Nelson Katy Heritage Museum and Heritage Park. Take in a football game or two at Legacy Stadium and Rhodes Stadium which are side-by-side. Take a long walk or bike ride around the lake at Mason Creek South Hike and Bike Trails. Or take in concert while enjoying some fine dining in the recently renovated downtown square and Katy Civic Center. The revival of Katy business district is bringing in new dining, entertainment and shopping options that compliment the amazing antique shops that Katy is known for.

Property Taxes and HOA Dues

Harris, Fort Bend and Waller counties all converge at one spot in Thomas Park in Old Katy, which means depending on where you live, your property taxes could be assessed by any one of the three county appraisal districts. MOST of Old Katy lies in either Harris or Waller County. The total tax rate is comprised of several different taxing entities depending on which part of the city you live in. These will typically include the school district, the mud district, and county or city services but could even vary based on section.

As of the time of this writing (2024), the average property tax rate is 2.28%. Because of the differences in the age of homes here, as well as varying taxing entities, this rate could be lower or higher. The rates are applied to each $100 of a home’s value.

For example, a $400,000 home could expect to pay $9,120 / year in property taxes. ($400,000 / $100 = $4,000 x 2.28 = $9,120. This of course does not tax into account homestead, over 65, and other tax exemptions that offer considerable tax savings. Read more about how property taxes work in our area.

Most neighborhoods in the area that we call Old Katy do not have homeowners associations. Of the few that do exist, a couple of voluntary, but nearly all of them are under $400 per year. If living in a community with an HOA is important to you, please make sure you consult your real estate agent to verify which communities to focus on.

Old Katy Homes

Homes in the Old Katy community range from as low as 480 square feet to over 7,500. Current resale pricing ranges from $175,000 to over $1,500,000. Development in the Old Katy area is limited mostly to built-to-suit lots or in the newer master planned communities that are springing up throughout, such as Cane Island or Falls at Green Meadows.

Lot sizes range from about 4,600 square feet to a little over 10 acres. And though the City, you’ll find homesites of just about every size and style – lakefront lots, corner lots, cul-de-sac lots, and even entire city blocks. Homes here are either single level or in two story configurations. And finally, you’ll find homes that over 100 years old all the way up to modern new construction. There’s a style for everyone here.

Mary Jo Peckham Park Pool

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